Description: The Coffey SimulatOarTM, patented in the U.S. and internationally, simulates the dynamic motion of the rowing stroke; it provides an 'on the water' experience while rowing on land.

1 - Excellent total body fitness and race preparation; allows you to train all muscles used in rowing.
2 - You can personalize the 'rig' by adjusting the geometry to match your shell, maintaining and improving your rowing technique over the winter. 
3 - Great for rowing instruction and coaching at all levels - from novice to national team.
4 - Rowing on the SimulatOarTM is fun! It's the next best thing to getting on the water ~ only the splash is missing.

Length: 58"
Width: 63"/160 cm (sculling), 44"/112 cm (sweep)
Height: 25"
Weight: 93 lbs (sculling), 90 lbs (sweep)
Inboard: adjustable - 8
9 cm ± 5 cm (sculling), 115 cm ± 5 cm (sweep)
Load : variable with damper setting
Monitor: Concept 2 Performance Monitor 5 or the Nielson Kellerman Speed Coach

Reviews from Our Customers

This is the best indoor rower ever!! I row 10k meters every day on my Coffey Sculling SimulatOarTM- it keeps me fit and allows me to maintain and improve my technique. I like the specificity of the SimulatOarTM- it facilitates the opening of the hands a the catch, directing the energy from the drive into the 'lats' and core to a greater degree than other machines. The length traveled, actually moving through the pin, gives the athlete a great understanding of the true length necessary in the drive. It is also ideal for instruction, rehearsing hand movement essential to sculling. Excellent for both training and coaching, the SimulatOarTM is an outstanding indoor rower ~ solid design, built to last and fun to row. I recommend it to everyone who loves rowing or who wants to love rowing. 
Jim Dietz - 3 time Olympian, Men's Single Scull
Before training on my Coffey Sculling SimulatOarTM, I had only rowed sweep on the water. After training all winter on the Sculling SimulatOarTM, I was asked to stroke a quadruple scull - I stepped into the shell and sculled away flawlessly.  What a great indoor trainer!!
Nancy Kleintop - Masters rower

Every erg manufacturer says their machine feels like you are rowing in a boat. The difference between a Sculling SimulatOarTM and straight pull ergs is huge. With a SimulatOarTM you can feather the handle as in a sculling boat.  With the counterbalanced 'oars' you can learn to un-weight the handle to simulate a catch without missing water.  With the handle and shoe adjustments you can simulate the geometry of your single. You can watch the different parts of your stroke using mirrors and learn to self coach your technique to simulate sculling boat. Perhaps the most significant innovation that the SimulatOarTM offers is the 'Floats,' the dynamic undercarriage that the machine sits on. The Coffey Floats give you the feel of suspension you get from accelerating your drive. You feel the power release quickly in your feet and in your seat. With this feel you can learn to time your finish to release the stored energy in your 'oars' before you feather the handles and find your recovery oar handle height...just like in a single.
Mark Borchelt - Olympic oarsman

I immediately felt a difference transitioning to the water - I was faster.  The SimulatOarTM certainly was helpful, especially in gaining power. I finally found a good coach.... I had developed bad habits to compensate for bad technique.  Sometimes it isn't so easy to correct these bad habits on the water.   However, thanks to the SimulatOarTM, I can go home and practice my new technique, and it is easier the next time out. I would be willing to have anyone interested in the SimulatOarTM try mine out.  I certainly would share with them the benefit that I have experienced.
Karen Stocker - Competitive oarswoman

The machine is brilliant...smooth like a Lexus transmission.
Mark Kovatch- Competitive oarsman

My SimulatOarTM duplicates sculling better than any ergometer I’ve ever seen duplicate a sport - and I’ve seen a lot of them.  You not only train muscles in exactly the same planes of movement, speeds, and force patterns used in the event, you can even work on your technique.  Every boathouse should have one.
Bill Endicott - Former Harvard oarsman, Coach of World and Olympic champions in canoeing and kayaking

It's really too bad that there aren't more places where scullers can test the machines side-by-side. The SimulatOarTM has the closest feel to sculling that I have seen.......Just getting on Cal's machine and sculling it is convincing....I think that just by comparing a body's motion on the C2 (or other one-handle machines) vs the SimulatOarTM anyone can see the advantage that the SimulatOarTM gives...
Mike van Beuren - American C2 Record Holder, National Champion